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In less than an hour, you'll understand what makes a perfect prospect email AND you'll know EXACTLY how to craft your own email—even if you're not a "writer"

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What will you learn?

How to write a subject line that recipients will WANT to open

Your subject line is arguably the most important part of your email. Get it wrong, and recipients will put that email you worked so hard to craft right into the trash bin.

An over-the-shoulder look at my personal recipe for writing emails

Stop staring at a blinking cursor and blank email body. Learn the ingredients to a perfect prospect email that will help you nurture leads, set up meetings, and close more deals!

An over-the-shoulder look at my personal method for writing emails

I'm going to show you how you can use my guide by walking you through an example from start to finish. See how I took the ingredients and crafted a real prospect email for a client!

A walkthrough guide to show you EXACTLY how to write your email and how to pull it all together

Combine the provided prompts with my winning formula to write your own FOOLPROOF prospect email! Even if you're not a "writer" you can craft a winning email and be on your way to more clients!

If you’ve never used email prospecting before, now is the time.

Like many business owners, you may be used to making sales calls and networking in person. Now, you find yourself scrambling to readjust your strategy for developing leads and making sales.

Email prospecting has been a cornerstone of many companies' sales funnels for years, and it remains one of the most effective tools for generating leads. 

However, many business owners and sales professionals get stressed at the idea of email prospecting. That’s normal—it makes you feel vulnerable to put yourself out there. Plus, you don’t want to feel like a slimy salesperson. 

I’m going to show you what makes a great outreach/pitch email, and then walk you through the process of creating your very own perfect prospect email!


Whitney Hickerson

I am a copywriter who loves helping businesses build connections with their customers. I work with small business owners who want to increase sales and leads by nurturing client relationships with compelling written content. 

Small business owners are in their communities every day, serving with passion and purpose. When you can tell your story in a compelling way, you build strong relationships with your customers that will last for years to come. 

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